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School Fundraising the Healthy Way

We know it’s a tough time raising money for extras in education right now as school fundraising has been put on hold. But we’ve come up with a way that you can engage in school fundraising and stay on the right side of social distancing rules into the bargain. Our new scheme gives a nominated […]

Sales of Food Supplements Rise

A new survey shows a sharp increase in people taking food supplements for their health since lockdown started. The survey was carried out by the Health Food Manufacturers’ Association (HFMA). It shows that more than 20 million people in the UK are now using supplements daily. That’s an increase of nearly 20% since 2019. Over […]

Food Intolerance Testing

Did you know that Health Food and More offer food intolerance testing by appointment? It’s our Food Detective test. Food intolerance testing is a way to identify what foods might be blighting your life. Right now, they’re on hold because of Covid restrictions, but we continue to receive lots of enquiries. So, you might be […]

Getting A Good Sleep

Getting a good sleep, one that’s restful and restorative, is essential for our physical and mental well-being.  Yet many of us are not getting enough sleep to function well. The UK seems to be a nation of insomniacs, with up to a third of adults reporting regular issues with sleep disturbance. The consequences of not […]

Your Post Festive Feast Detox

Now we’re in another period of lockdown, many of us are thinking of cleaning up for a fresh start to 2021 and a post-festive feast detox. Perhaps this year more than any other year, we need a it after over-indulging with festive foods, chocolates, crisps, fizzy drinks, mulled wine and other alcoholic beverages. After the […]

Meet Our New Nutritional Therapist

We’re delighted to announce that nutritional therapy appointments are now available in our clinic. Rachel Bell Nutrition offers a naturopathic and holistic approach to nutrition to help you achieve optimum health and wellbeing. Rachel is a nutritional therapist registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC). She is also a member of the British […]

Take 5 Berries for Winter Health

Even in Scotland in November, nature delivers up her bounty. Hawthorn berries offer a red hue in the hedgerows well after the leaves have fallen. We see glimmers of yellow on trees as velvet shank mushrooms begin to show and in the leaf litter, if you have a keen eye, you might just spot vibrant […]