Herbal Medicine

“I feel like I’ve got my life back”

“I feel on top of the world”

“I wish I had come to you years ago”

We all want to feel the best we can, whether we have health problems or not. You might not be able to buy good health, but we do believe you can invest in your future well being.  At Health Food and More, we are able to give you expert advice about natural health care solutions, whether you are looking for a simple over-the-counter remedy or a more in depth appointment with one of our Qualified Medical Herbalists.

Qualified Medical Herbalists undergo specialist training to degree standard, undertaking the medical sciences as well as botanical therapeutics before being invited to join the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Membership is considered to be the gold standard of herbal healthcare and is indicated by the letters MNIMH after your herbalist’s name.   MNIMH registered herbalists will be invited by the UK Government to join a statutory register with the Health Professions Council (HPC) in 2013, this body also oversees the practice of physiotherapists, osteopaths and podiatrists.

By taking a detailed history and mapping all health issues a Consultant Medical Herbalist can then choose and blend herbs in your own unique prescription, working to improve your constitutional well being as well as aiming to resolve any symptoms you may be experiencing.  Consulting a medical herbalist isn’t necessarily more expensive than self treating and sometimes is more cost effective than buying products off the shelf.

What happens when I see a medical herbalist?

Your initial appointment, although lasting for up to an hour, will probably pass quickly as there is a lot to cover in that time.  Your Medical Herbalist will ask you lots of questions about your presenting complaint as well as gathering information about previous health problems, medication, diet, family history and lifestyle factors.  This detailed enquiry helps your Medical Herbalist to rule out any underlying health problems that may require referral back to your GP for investigation.   They may take your blood pressure, test your urine and are trained to carry out clinical exams if this aids their diagnosis of your complaint.

Through this thorough assessment they will be building up a picture of you, your health and your constitutional traits so that they can develop a treatment plan to help steer you back to good health.  All the time they are seeking to discover and treat the root cause of your illness and not the symptoms alone.  At the end of the consultation they will formulate your own unique herbal prescription and give you advice about your diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle.

You will then come back over a period of weeks or months, depending on your complaint, for shorter follow up appointments to assess your progress and fine tune your treatment as your health improves.

We now offer online consultations via Zoom

We started to offer consultations on Zoom during lockdown and will continue to do so to help as many people as we can. An online consultation works in just the same way as if you were in the clinic in person and costs the same as a normal consultation. Our fees are outlined below. To make an appointment online, please phone the clinic as your would normally and one of our team will be happy to help you.

Are herbs safe for me to use even if I’m already taking medicines?

The answer is yes – but in trained hands.   Herbal medicines are drugs and need to be treated with respect.   Medical Herbalists are trained to take into consideration concurrent medical conditions and any medication that you may have been prescribed and can safely use herbs alongside these.  They are also trained to treat pregnant women, new-born babies, elderly or frail patients and everyone in between!

When should I self treat with herbs and when should I think about an appointment?

Herbal Medicine is effective in acute problems such as colds, flu, tummy upsets etc.  In this situation you could think about using a remedy you have bought over-the-counter after getting advice from a trained assistant.  However, if you suffer from chronic long standing health problems or a serious health complaint it is recommended that you consult a qualified Medical Herbalist rather than self prescribe or buy a remedy off the shelf.

You will generally find prescribed herbs chosen specifically for you will be more effective and potent than remedies you can buy for self treatment.

What problems respond well to Herbal Medicine?

Problems that respond particularly well include digestive disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, hormonal imbalance and menopause, skin problems, low immunity, migraines, anxiety, chronic cystitis and thrush, arthritis and unexplained fatigue.  Many people choose herbal medicine as a long term approach to managing health problems such as arthritis, rather than relying on conventional drugs.    Children also respond very quickly to herbal treatment.  Tiny doses of herbs helping to shift problems such as glue ear, molluscum, constipation, bed wetting etc.

How much is a consultation ?

Adults and Children Over 14

First Appointment       (1hour)   £39

Follow up                     (1/2 hour)  £29

Children under 14 

First Appointment       (1/2hour)  £25

Follow up                     (1/2hour)  £20

Medicines and supplements are over and above the consultation fee.  For a basic herbal prescription expect to pay about £8 per week, although costs may be cheaper for children or more expensive if you have a complex medical condition that requires additional supplementation or stronger herbal extracts.