Premenstrual Syndrome

Restoring Natural Balance

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) or premenstrual tension (PMT) is the name given to unwelcome symptoms that occur regularly each month in relation to the menstrual cycle.

Common physical symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) are bloating, bowel habit change, tender breasts, acne and other skin problems, energy fluctuations, food cravings and sleeplessness.  Hormonal imbalance can also cause emotional problems, mood swings and increased emotional sensitivity.  Both physical and emotional symptoms can affect one’s self esteem and wreak havoc with personal and professional relationships.

It doesn’t have to be like that.  Our team of Medical Herbalists have considerable skill and experience in correcting hormonal imbalances and the body’s response to hormonal change.  We would generally be very optimistic about significantly improving a women’s experience of her menstrual cycle within one or two months.

Working with one of our Consultant Medical Herbalists means that their aptitude and experience is brought to your particular case.   There are many herbs that might be used in hormonal work and skill is needed to tailor a prescription to you as an individual.

During consultation your Medical Herbalists will seek to build a detailed picture of hormonal health with reference to your cycle length, comfort levels before and during your period, the quality of your menstrual flow etc on a background of your gynaecological history.  A women’s menstrual pattern can often relate to those of other female members of their family so a thorough family history is always relevant.

Some symptom groupings clearly point to specific hormonal imbalances such as oestrogen dominance or falling progesterone levels and the path to reinstating balance is straightforward.  Sometimes hormonal health patterns are overlapped by stressful circumstances around current life situations and the addition of herbs to combat the physical and emotional consequences of stress can be useful.

As well as using herbs to rebalance and de-congest hormonal states, making positive lifestyle changes and following a diet that works to benefit your hormonal type can bring significant lasting improvements to your whole female experience.  Simple measures such as eating ‘slow release carbs’ at regular intervals can significantly improve mood and energy in the lead up to a period.

During a consultation your Medical Herbalist will ask lots of questions about your health, well being and lifestyle.  As well as a focused look at your hormonal history and a mapping of all your symptoms you can expect a top to toe health enquiry to get a picture of your whole body health.  This coupled with a detailed nutritional appraisal and lifestyle overview gives your Medical Herbalist vital information to form a proactive, individualised treatment plan.

Treatment duration will of course vary from woman to woman and at the outset of treatment your herbalist could only make a tentative guess at how long you will need to take herbs.  Generally you would expect to feel significant improvement at the following premenstrual phase from beginning herbs and within three cycles experience very minimal symptoms, if at all.  Indeed the benefits are felt to be so positive that even when the Herbalist feels that the herbs could be reduced women choose to stay on them for key parts of their cycle!

The Consultant Medical Herbalists working with Health Food and More are all skilled, experienced and fully qualified Members of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.